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Have you ever wanted your home to be the one that stands out among the rest in Fresno, CA?

As a Real Estate and Interior Design Firm we offer the benefit of our Interior Design Team at no additional cost to you. Our Interior Design Coordinator will arrive alongside our professional photographer and together they will add accessories to your home during the photography session to enhance the photos that we will use to market your home, we will then retrieve the accessories after photo session is over. You may choose to take advantage of our "Shop with a Designer" service if you would like us to help you purchase similar accessories that will stay in your home for additional enhancement during showings. Our goal is to engage potential real estate buyers online and have them fall in love with your home in Fresno, CA showing them the added potential before they even see it in person!

Call us for additional information about how to set up your Free Accessorized Photography session for your listing

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

Are you getting ready to sell your home? We are here to give you professional Interior Design advice and tools to aid in the marketability of your home so that as you apply these suggestions you can in turn increase your chances of getting your home sold faster and in the higher range of what homes like yours are selling for.

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Professional Photo Shooting * Virtual Tours * Property Info & Description * Meeting Clients * Open Houses

At Edinhart Realty & Design we spend significant resources, time and effort in marketing your home to many real estate websites much larger and more heavily visited than any local website. We have systems in place to have your listing on dozens of websites, including Yahoo, Trulia, Zillow, and others within days of your listing going live.

Professional Photo Shooting

We take a full and expert suite of high quality photos of your home. These photographs will showcase your property and are critical to internet real estate marketing. Surveys prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that buyers value high quality images more than any other feature of real estate listings.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours when appropriate are created for your property. Some properties are better marketed with still photographs, others with a slideshow of stills, and some with a video. We’ll work with you to produce the very best marketing approach for your property in Fresno, CA.

Property Info & Description

Well written descriptions and very thorough MLS® information fields will bring every facet of your property to the prospective buyer.

Meeting Potential Buyers

Once a buyer gets to our site from these sources, we offer showings and other special information about the market and your property in exchange for their contact information. If we can get into direct contact with them, it’s going to increase our chances of selling your property to them.

Open Houses

We schedule Open Houses as necessary to ensure your home gets great exposure at a local level as well. This can be a great time for neighbors and friends in Fresno to preview your home so we can work together with getting the word out to their friends and family that may be in the market for a home like yours.

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